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My name is Mun. I'm an Orange County based Photographer + Content Creator.


Are you ready to document the classic beauty in your life with a dreamy touch? 

Yes? Let's do it!

Have a baby on the way? Let's document the magical times when you are carrying a little person under your heart. The times you are sharing your breath, your body and your dreams. 


The moment you meet your newborn, your heart is changed forever. I'll make sure to capture all the emotions that you want to preserve that phase of  your lives and all the tiny little features of your baby that you want to remember.


Your children,  of all the adventures you’ve planned in your life, this is the grandest. Every single day with them is a gift. all the things that you think you’ll remember about this part of your beautiful voyage will be lost to the rush of time and reality in the blink of an eye . Let's just breathe, notice and study their faces and their feet while I capture those moments for you to keep with you, forever.



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