I know there is a ton of hard work that goes into creating engaging social media posts.
I know behind the scenes of insta worthy lifestyle, there are countless hours spent on: creating content, working out when to post, what to post, if it’s working, analyzing insights, adjusting, learning, re-configuring, staying relevant, communicating with brands, keeping up with due dates, and having a profitable business. 

If you want to use social media to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and AUDIENCE but you are already very BUSY managing your social media and need an effective and smarter way to create content consistently; I’m here to help you. Together we can batch create four weeks of content in JUST ONE DAY!

I’m a FULL SERVICE STYLE Photographer.

Sign-up for ‘Monthly Subscription Plan’ so that you can focus on growing your audience and your influencer business.

Packages starting from $1500

3 reasons to invest in

Monthly Subscription Plan

Efficient: Batch create and post engaging content every day

Fully customized: Designed for your niche & your story & your audience

Team work: Have a specialized photographer by your side planning all the nitty gritty details of your photoshoot

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How It Works?

I’m here to help you in every step of your content creation journey. Here is how monthly content creation subscription plan works:

  1. I’ll study your niche and your profile

  2. We’ll schedule hour long planning call

  3. I’ll come up with multiple themes and ideas for your posts that will tap into your audience’s attention

  4. I’ll scout photoshoot locations

  5. I’ll prepare Pinterest inspiration and mood boards

  6. I’ll prepare a detailed keynote brief before each shoot that lays out locations, poses, props, mood and inspiration photos

  7. 6-8 hours long photoshoot once a month to BATCH create FOUR WEEKS of content in ONE day

  8. All RAW photos from session delivered to you in a Dropbox folder for you download and edit in your style

  9. Hour long wrap up call

  10. We’ll analyze your audience’s reaction to each post after the shoot to study image components that resonate with your audience

  11. Repeating these steps each month

  12. Unlimited message and voice Slack support

So that you can focus on growing your audience and your influencer business.

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Why Wait any Longer?

Let's jump on a phone call and chat for 30 minutes.

You can tell me about you, your story, your audience and your vision. And I’ll answer any questions you might have and walk through selecting the best package for you.

For faster growth of an engaged & active following base on social media I’ll help you batch create social media content on a monthly basis so you can consistently post content that is:

Attention grabbing



True to your lifestyle

Once you book your first session we’ll pick 12-15 story topics or themes for the photoshoot and I’ll deliver some ideas about the creative direction of the shoots, location, styling and how to tell your story through images. I’ll also provide props or styling items when needed.

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Let's Chat!

How can I help you create highly engaging and relevant content ?

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