HOW to gain trust of your followers when posting sponsored content

I don’t think you are doing your followers a service when you are posting about a brand once and then piecing out.

If a brand has paid you, you need to make sure that no more than 3 months go by without you talking about them ORGANICALLY.
— James Nord

It’s becoming more and more crucial to have an authentic relationship with your audience and have their TRUST on social media.

One of the great way to build the trust when posting sponsored content about a product is taking about them every now and then organically after your sponsored post. This will give you a chance to show that the product has became a part of your life.

If you do a sponsored post and and NOT talk about that product ever again, your audience will question your authenticity which in turn hurts the relationship between you and your followers.

That’s why it’s important to have a keep track of your posts and have a Customer Management System for Brands that has all your brand partners.

it’s as simple as keeping a record of these information in an excel sheet:

Who is your brand partner

How much money to date I’ve made off of them total lifetime

The last time I’ve worked with them in an official paid capacity

The last time I’ve talked about them organically

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