I have been obsessed with @adrinkwithjames podcast lately and had the chance to binge every single episode last week when I was driving on the desert for hours. 

Each episode is GOLD and jam packed with practical and relevant information on social media marketing.

He talked about delivering social media report for brand partnerships. You guessed it right, just the screen shot results of your analytics like reach, saves etc from your posts  IS NOT ENOUGH! 

You need to to TELL THE WHOLE STORY.

First off, don’t ever leave it up to the person you are working with on the brand side.

Not only does it help ensure that the results of your campaign are ACCURATELY reported, it also makes their life so much easier and they’ll most likely walk away from the partnership with a good feeling and open to partnering again with you in the future.

That’s why I collaborated with an amazing copywriter to bring this TEMPLATE for YOU to use in your emails. 

Just insert your details and it’s ready to go!

Plus I linked the Canva template in my bio and so that you can tweak it in a few minutes for your brand.

Hope you find it useful and accept this as my thank you gift for following me here!

EMAIL TEMPLATE LINK (super important: make a copy of the template BEFORE changing it)

Hey {{insert name}},

I just wanted to send you a follow up after your sponsored post so that I can fill you in with all the engagement details!

Here’s a snapshot of the post I created: {{insert screenshot}}

The reason I designed it like this was because…. {{insert story}}.

And the caption and call-to-action worked really well because….{{insert details}}.

Overall, I think this post really resonated with my audience because....{{insert details}}.

And these are just some of the comments you received from my followers:

{{insert screenshot}}

The overall reach on this was {{insert number}}.

And your followers have gone up by {{insert number}}.

I think this is great growth and I can really learn from these numbers and continue to grow and build from it in the days to come.

We’re becoming more and more specific on what generates the best results for your brand and this is really exciting!

I absolutely loved working on this with you and I have lots more engagement hacking ideas up my sleeve!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

All the best,

{{insert name}}

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