Los Angeles | Visiting Museum of Ice Cream With Toddlers

A few months ago photos of a pool filled with sprinkles showed up on my Facebook feed and it seemed like a what dreams look like in real life so I had to click. Next thing I know I was trying to convince my friends to join me on a Museum of Ice Cream in LA visit and make a play/ photoshoot date with the kids.  Here in this post I will share our museum experience with 3 toddlers and give some tips and insights for visiting this interactive and pop-up museum with kids.

Los Angeles | Museum of Ice Cream Munopia Portraits


  • First we did a little bit of research about this museum (meaning looking at the photos that are tagged with museum of ice cream on Instagram😂) and we planned out outfits a few weeks prior to our visit. 

Confetti and Henri Alice and Ames dresses were a perfect match. They are oh so twirly and comfy.  

Los Angeles Museum of Ice Cream Munopia Portraits (10 of 78).jpg
  • We also made sure kids get some nap before the museum visit since it can be pretty overwhelming.
Los Angeles | Museum of Ice Cream Munopia Portraits
  • Also I highly recommend a camera that can shoot in .RAW format since the rooms in museum cast lots of different colors and confuse cameras color settings, which leaves you with weird colored photos. 


  • Parking:

street parking is available but limited to 1 hour.

Museum offers valet parking for $6.

There is also a parking lot on  660 Mateo Street, which is $4 for 2 hours.

  • There is a waiting/ play area right next to the building. We arrived there 20 minutes before our scheduled time slot and our kids loved playing in there.  A few minutes before our appointment  a bright and cheery staff comes and let's everyone know that its time to line up.

This is also the time everyone starts to lose their mind with excitement. 

Los Angeles | Museum of Ice Cream Munopia Portraits
  • Entrance:

When you enter the museum a pastel pink wall decorated with assortments and candies welcomes you. this room has a gorgeous natural light so make sure you utilize this light and the amazing backdrop. 


  • Pink Pay Phone Room:

  • Hollywood Room:


  • Banana Room:

  • Sherbet Room:

  • Gummy Bear Room:

  • Popsicle Room:

  • Sprinkle Pool:

  • Exit through the gift shop:

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